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Welcome to DynamicCalm.

I am a London based practitioner offering Hypnotherapy and Reiki treatments.

602395_10150908713081561_979955506_nIf you have ever felt that life can be challenging, or stressful, then you are in the right place, and I can help you with the treatments I offer. We all go through times where it just gets a bit too much, we lose confidence, become unbalanced, and many of us just ‘get by’. Well sometimes, you just need that extra boost or helping hand to make everything feel lighter and easier.

Dynamic Calm is the concept of using simple yet effective techniques within these therapies to achieve balance and wellbeing on all levels. You can contact me to help decide which is the better treatment for you, but here is a brief idea of what each can help with:

  • Hypnotherapy can help with- fears and phobias, weight control, motivation, sports/athletic performance, anxieties, smoking cessation and much more! Click here to read more about hypnotherapy treatment.
  • Reiki can help with- re-balancing the mind and body, relaxation, nurture, strengthened physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Click here for more information about Reiki.

Whatever your choice, my aim is to help you in your quest in feeling whole again, and to give you some time out to work on becoming the best version of you that you wish to be.

Please read on in more depth about the therapies I offer and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


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